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Yoga Lagniappe is your personal guide to what’s happening now in your local yoga community. We help you stay connected to local yoga studios, teachers, and like-minded friends who are all interested in living a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Why Yoga Lagniappe? Lagniappe (pronounced lan-yap) is a term that originated in New Orleans to express the act of giving more than what is expected. For instance, a baker might add a thirteenth bread roll to a customer’s order of a dozen as lagniappe. Yoga Lagniappe aspires to give you more than you expect as it relates to your yoga practice and living your best life. If you can say Savasana, you can say Lagniappe.

Look to Yoga Lagniappe for the unexpected benefits of healthy living in your area. We bring you the best deals, news, resources, and events to keep you on the path to fulfilling your greatest potential.

Currently we feature everything you need to know about yoga and balanced living in our hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Don’t live in New Orleans? Contact us and let us know where you would like to see Yoga Lagniappe next. In the meantime you can yap about yoga with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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S. Brooke Bailey