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YOGA LAGNIAPPE goes directly to the source, studio owners, just for you.  We help you get a feel for studios in your area by interviewing their owners. YOGA LAGNIAPPE is not a listing service. We value our credibility and strive to maintain a strong relationship with the local yoga communities we serve. Yoga studios and teachers do not pay to be listed or interviewed. We do this to provide our community with the most impartial and useful information possible.


grace-logo-150x150Grace Pilates + Yoga
1213 N Causeway Blvd
Metairie, LA 70001
Co-Owners: Brigitte Martin and Alix Schaubhut
Interviewee: Alix Schaubhut
Interviewer: S. Brooke Bailey

Grace Pilates + Yoga opened in November of 2016. Grace offers Classical Pilates and yoga classes. Founders Alix Schaubhut and Brigitte Martin are dedicated to movement with purpose and passionate about creating a home for their students to revolutionize their lives. Strong bodies, clear minds, and developing heart centered lives is their goal.

BB: Tell us a bit about why you chose to name the studio Grace Pilates + Yoga. The concept of grace seems to be part of what motivated you to open the studio and an integral piece of your mission. 

AS & BM: We decided to name the studio Grace because it became clear that Pilates and yoga were our “saving grace.”

Our desire is to hold a sacred space so our clients can choose grace in moments that challenge them. We believe the union of Classical Pilates and yoga can bring this revolution of self. Choosing grace in moments of darkness allows us to persevere. When we choose grace, we invite courage; we cultivate strength and gratitude.

With our clients we create strong bodies and peaceful minds, and encourage them to share their stories. These are the stories that connect us, heal us, sustain us, and allow us to open to Grace.grace-pilates-yoga-front-desk

BB: What moments of darkness did you both have to overcome on your journey to open the studio? 

AS: Since I began teaching Pilates my husband has been battling cancer. He has undergone multiple chemotherapy treatments and major surgery. 

Brigitte lost her father suddenly in the midst of her yoga education. He was a Vietnam war hero and suffered from severe PTSD. She used her practice to get through the devastating loss. 

Her passion is to get trained in trauma sensitive yoga so she can honor him and give freedom to those who fought for ours. We plan to have free classes for Vets once she’s trained. 

We found that Pilates and yoga offered us refuge and strength in the midst of difficult times. We felt peaceful and strong in moments of personal suffering and weakness. Our goal is to offer our clients the ability to use Pilates and yoga to strengthen and cultivate courage no matter what challenges they are facing. 

We allow them the space to make genuine transformations. 


BB: What tools or instructions do you offer in Grace Pilates and yoga classes that allow your students to cultivate the qualities of courage, strength and gratitude?

AS: In Pilates we offer physical strength. Our clients know their bodies and are focused on proper alignment, precision of movement. In strengthening the body as a whole we offer physical well being. The mind is also focused in Pilates, it is the art of control, and it allows us a rare chance to get centered. In this fast-paced life we live it is a gift to honor your mind and body. 

BM: In yoga we offer tools for clients to live with intention, to open their hearts, and reflect on their lives. We invite them to live with soul on the mat and stand in their truth. An equal balance of strength and surrender in every moment. 

This then gives them the ability to take this self reflection and carry it off the mat. We believe in choosing gratitude for the gift of life, the awareness of the breath, a healthy body; the constant gifts most of us easily take for granted. 


BB: You offer clients a wide variety of Pilates and yoga class options, from Pilates Mat and Reformer classes to Candlelight Restorative and Grit and Grace yoga. What should new students keep in mind in order to choose the best class fit for their needs?

AS & BM: We honor your first day in the studio, knowing how hard it is to get started. Sometimes the hardest part is just finding your way, getting through the door. 

Our studio manager, Lauren, is gifted in helping you hand-select your path to success. 

We offer private instruction to those clients seeking one-on-one attention. This is a fantastic way to allow our instructors to prepare you for group classes. We also encourage jumping in. Walking through the door is the only decision they have to make, from there we will guide you down the right path. 


BB: What do you hope Grace students take away from a visit to your studio?

AS & BM: We hope that people feel at home at Grace. We want our students to honor and strengthen their bodies, minds, and souls. We promise to guide them and do everything we can to bring true, positive changes to their lives. 

BB: Do you have any lagniappe to offer YL readers who are interesting in trying Grace Pilates + Yoga?

AS & BM: Present this article and receive 15% off your first package! Come see us.

pilates_yoga_loft_logoThe Pilates & Yoga Loft
617 Metairie Road
Metairie, Louisiana 70005
Owner & Interviewee: Andree Khalaf
Interviewer: S. Brooke Bailey

The Pilates Loft opened in November of 2009 as a Classical Pilates studio offering private Pilates sessions and group Pilates mat classes. As the owner, Andree Khalaf, furthered her wellness studies she began to realize that Pilates was just one piece of the puzzle of wellness. In the past six years the studio has grown in size and focus, having recently added a full yoga studio, and updated their name to The Pilates & Yoga Loft.  Andree practices Pilates and yoga a few times per week to keep her own chronic back and hip issues to a minimum. She believes that most exercise forms push clients to see changes only in their external physique. At The Pilates & Yoga Loft the focus is on internal changes, both physical and mental, utilizing breath as a major factor in the mind-body connection.

rsz_1pyl_yoga_studioBB: Congratulations on bringing a full yoga studio to Old Metairie! What prompted your expansion from a primarily Pilates studio to a larger space that now offers a complete yoga schedule?

AK: I want the studio to be an educational resource to the community, a community center in which we collaborate with other healthcare professionals to give clients alternatives in health care. With the increase in stress related illnesses, autoimmune diseases and the rise is cancer, yoga was a natural compliment to Pilates. The benefits and lifestyle changes that we have seen in clients and ourselves are life changing. The meditation and dharma talks before, during and at the end of our classes set clients up for success in their lives.rsz_1pyl_lobby

BB: The Pilates & Yoga Loft places an emphasis on the healing aspects of movement. How does this influence the studio atmosphere?

AK: Our mission is changing the lives of those we touch one movement and one breath at a time through Classical Pilates and authentic yoga. All of the instructors understand and believe that change happens from the inside out and that change is gradual. The atmosphere is one of encouragement, empowerment and giving of oneself in order to receive.

BB: Your instructors have a wide range of yoga study. Classes emphasize pace and energy (i.e. Power Flow and Restorative Yoga) over a specific style of yoga. How does this benefit your clients, especially those new to yoga?

AK: All of our yoga classes are considered open. Instructors focus on alignment and modifications, allowing both beginner students and advanced students a safe, effective workout. Our focus is on the intention of the movement, not on perfection. The true mind-body connection. Our classes are small and personal with a focus on quality.

rsz_pyl_retail_lobbyBB: In addition to yoga and Pilates, the studio also offers VBarre classes. Do your students tend to mix the types of classes they attend?

AK: Vbarre is a workout designed to tone, trim and transform the body with a fusion of ballet, Pilates and resistance training. With our $99 unlimited package, clients do mix classes giving them variety and a chance to experience all that we offer.

BB: What do you hope your clients gain each time they attend a group class or private session at The Pilates & Yoga Loft?

AK: It is our hope that each client feels welcome and at home and will want to join the community of amazing people that are available to them as resources and friends. It is our hope that each client learns something valuable at each lesson to take away with them that helps them improve their mental and physical well being. We strive to make an impact on the way they feel before, during and after class. We give them 100% of ourselves so that they leave thanking themselves for doing what their body needs.

BB: Tell us a little more about your party this Friday, Nov. 6th.

AK: The six year anniversary and expansion party is a two fold celebration. First, we want to thank our clients for supporting us for six years through growth and expansion, and celebrate the community of people that have changed our lives. Second, we are opening the studio to new clients to see the space and let them know that we are an educational resource to the community. We would love to have Yoga Lagniappe readers join us from 7-9pm this Friday. We’ll have a little lagniappe too…enjoy 10% off of 10 Class Packages during the party and enter the raffle contest to win prizes!


nola-yoga-loft-logoNola Yoga Loft
2042 Magazine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
Owner and Interviewee: Tara Loftis
Interviewer: S. Brooke Bailey

Nola Yoga Loft provides a unique space for people to heal, transform and come together. The studio caters to all practitioners with five different styles of yoga. Reiki sessions, classes and yoga combos are also offered, with plans to add other healing modalities in the near future. Nola Yoga Loft wants to help establish better and more frequent human connections and a stronger sense of community through pop-ups, screenings, art classes, cooking classes and more.  The Loft is a space for people to connect, share, heal, de-stress and learn from one another. It’s about community and it’s about love – love for life and love for each other.

Tara Loftis, studio owner and founder, grew up in Arkansas, travelled the world, studied yoga in India, taught in Australia and finally landed in New Orleans, where her family now lives. For her, opening a yoga studio always felt like a dream that might not ever happen, until her life path decided differently. When asked why she chose New Orleans to open a studio, Tara said, “I didn’t. New Orleans chose me.”

BB: Nola Yoga Loft only opened in June and there’s already a buzz about it on social media. What was your key motivator for opening a yoga studio and how long has this project been underway?

TL: Swan River Yoga used to have a studio one block away from our location, and when it left the Lower Garden District, there was definitely a void. When I returned from my travels in 2013, I started teaching classes in various homes around the neighborhood. This helped me build a clientele, and also made me realize that this area needed its own studio again. Sure enough, a year and half later, this project just sort of fell into my lap. I was laid off from my job with American Express Global Business Travel and had no idea what I was going to do. Although I had a long-term goal of opening my own business (which I thought would be years from now and in the Caribbean), I certainly didn’t think my next step would be to open a yoga studio. In fact, my initial reaction was to sell everything I owned and move to India, but I guess the universe had other plans for me. I was helping my mother in real estate one day, and we came across the space. She suggested I open a studio here, and I told her she was crazy. Eventually though, her words kept playing back in my head, as did the vision of yoga classes in this gorgeous space, and I found myself listening to her for once. I started to think of other ideas for the space as well, and within a month, this lovely place came to fruition.

BB: Nola Yoga Loft offers classes in Ashtanga, Dynamic Flow, Sri Kali Tantra, Yin, and Vinyasa yoga. Each of these yoga styles tends to emphasis fluid movement in and out of postures. Is it safe to say that new students can expect to feel physically challenged by your classes?

TL: Actually, both our Tantra and our Yin classes are restorative in style. Plus our Dyanamic Flow classes are about 70% movement and 30% stillness, so they’re not necessarily super physical. Vinyasa classes are more active and provide a bit more of a physical challenge, but we do offer gentler Vinyasa classes as well. Ashtanga is probably the most physically challenging. However, we welcome all levels of students to all classes and provide modifications if necessary, so new students should definitely not feel intimidated by any of them.


BB: You have personally studied many different types of yoga and are also a Reiki practitioner. How has this variety of disciplines influenced the mission of Nola Yoga Loft?

TL: Part of the mission of Nola Yoga Loft is to provide a place of healing for the New Orleans community. I think everyone, no matter how inflexible or out of shape they think they are, can benefit from the healing aspects of yoga – both physically and mentally. In fact, I purposefully have taken three yoga teacher training courses, because I wanted to be able to tailor my classes and teachings so that I may offer this practice to everyone who seeks it.

Obviously, Reiki (a Japanese healing art) plays a big part of that mission as well. The Loft works closely with The Reiki Center of New Orleans and often hosts Reiki groups and classes to provide healing of a different sort. Eventually, I plan to offer massage, acupuncture and other types of energy work here as well.

BB: Students are sharing photos of your space on social media. The vibe seems to be cozy and eclectic. With future plans for movie nights and other events, what type of atmosphere are you hoping to offer the community?

TL: I think I have created a space that is welcoming above all else. I want people to feel at ease and at home here. One of the great things I’ve seen developing, especially with the weekly Vinyasa and Vino class, is a real sense of community among the students, which has been a lot of fun to experience. As human beings we crave interaction with others, it’s just a part of who we are. It’s also healthy for us. The studio space is cozy, and thus it’s a more interactive/intimate experience than some of the larger studios at which I’ve practiced. I always make it a point to introduce people to each other, especially new students.

With all of the other events we plan to offer, the hope is to provide a variety of ways for people to engage in social exchange and connection and in an atmosphere where people feel comfortable coming for whatever it is they need – healing, exercise, self expression, community, new friends, good food and drinks, time away from the chaos of everyday life, etc.


BB: What do you hope students take away from practicing at your studio?

TL: That’s a really tough question, and I don’t think I have a blanket response. Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons, so I hope each one of them takes away what it is he or she needs… A good stretch. A workout. Time away from the chaos. More strength. Stillness. More self love. More inner peace. A better ability to navigate through life’s potholes. Physical, mental, spiritual healing. Less stress. A sense of community. A sense of feeling like they are a part of a bigger picture… whatever it is they need to live a better, healthier and happier life – that’s what I hope to provide.

BB: Having traveled, lived and studied yoga around the world, what do you feel makes the New Orleans yoga community unique?

TL: What doesn’t make New Orleans unique?! This city is just one beautiful expression after another and it grabs a hold of every excuse possible to celebrate life. In this way, it mirrors much of what I have learned through yoga.

BB: Do you have any lagniappe to offer YL readers who are interesting in trying Nola Yoga Loft?

TL:  Sure! Mention this interview and get your first class for $10.00.

studio overviews

YOGA LAGNIAPPE goes directly to the source, studio owners, just for you.  We help you get a feel for studios in your area by interviewing their owners. YOGA LAGNIAPPE is not a listing service. We value our credibility and strive to maintain a strong relationship with the local yoga communities we serve. Yoga studios and […]