yoga pretzel



Yoga Pretzel is our photo gallery of wonderful people doing wonderful yoga poses.  Notice we didn’t say circus yoga poses!  If you are super bendy that’s great, but we are just as interested in pictures of yogis in tadasana (mountain pose). Send us a picture of you doing a yoga asana you love and we will enter you in our contest to be the Yoga Pretzel of the month.

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Yoga Lagniappe will not sell your photos.  We are only interested in sharing your images with our community.  The images will appear in our Yoga Pretzel Gallery and on the Yoga Lagniappe Facebook page. If your image is chosen as the Yoga Pretzel of the month your photo will appear on every page of our website.  We may also use your image in our other communications via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.  Submitting your photo means that you have read this disclosure and are granting Yoga Lagniappe the right to use your photo. Thank you for participating.  We appreciate you sharing your own yoga lagniappe with the community!